LTO Library Chassis

Powervault 132T-Base-REF
The PowerVault 132T tape library offers many advanced features designed to simplify manageability, ensure ease of use and boost library availability. The multi-function operator panel provides an easy to read display and five-button keypad for monitoring and controlling the operations of the library. Removable cartridge magazines allow for easy insertion and removal of tape cartridges. The magazine and rear storage slots employ a design that prevents the cartridges from being inserted incorrectly, helping to maximize library uptime. Available as a direct attached, Ultra-2 SCSI backup device, the PV132T also allows for a 2 Gb/s fibre channel router to be installed for SAN backup needs. LTO Library Chassis Powervault 132T-Base 96-6651-02, 8-00031-03, 8-00201-01, 8-00201-01,3U014