218M DLT Tape Drive

ADIC Scalar 218M (98-4020-23) DLT Tape Drive

The unit is in almost new condition and was decommissioned from a San Jose colo after only a few weeks. It has been fully tested by our experienced technicians. Dual DLT tape drives provide double throughput, concurrent read/write operations, and continuous processing. The high-performance robotics offers quick, 35-second initialization and 10-second average media exchange time. The Scalar 218M's 1,000,000 cartridge change rating means high reliability even in the heaviest use. The integrated barcode reader and media import/export slot provide advanced media management capability. Included with this are:
- (1) ADIC Scalar 218M DLT Tape Drive (98-4020-23-REF)
- (1) AC Power Cord (100-1111)
- 1 Year Parts Replacement Warranty

No cables, tapes, software, or manuals are included. Please email us for a quote at sales@vectordata.com. 218M DLT Tape Drive 98-4020-23 98402023,