FAS6030c Filers

FAS6030 / FAS6030c Filers

Network Appliance - The New NetApp FAS6030 / FAS6030c The FAS6030 is a highly scalable system designed to meet the needs of enterprise data centers, including storage for large applications and consolidations. The FAS6030 is expandable to 840 disk drives and a maximum capacity of 420TB. It is available in either a single-controller configuration or an active/active, dual-controller configuration. Cost-saving SATA and performance FC disk drives can be used together in the same system for tiered storage.

Capacity & Performance
The FAS6030 scales to 840 disk drives and 420TB of capacity. Performance, which depends on the workload, is typically 30% higher than the FAS980 system. Optionally, the FAS6030c (cluster) increases the capacity.

Application Level Availability
The FAS6030 with Data ONTAP delivers application recovery in minutes, not hours, upon failure or user error due to high availability system features and Snapshot SnapManager software.

Provisioning and reconfiguration take only seconds with the FAS6030. It is easily expanded and supports multiple IO interfaces as well as several storage protocols to maximize business agility.

Cost of Ownership
The FAS6030 system has lower acquisition and administrative costs than traditional, large-scale enterprise storage systems due to FlexVol, FlexClone, SATA drives, and the management simplicity of Data ONTAP.

Product Highlights
Operating System Network Appliance Data ONTAP 7.2.0 software
Standard Software Features Integrated automatic RAID manager, including RAID-DP, Snapshot, Fast Boot, telnet, e-mail alerts, NIS, DNS, SNMP, FilerView, FlexVol, FlexShare, NDMP, SSH
Network Protocol Support NFS V2/V3/V4 over UDP or TCP, PCNFSD V1/V2 for (PC) NFS client authentication, Microsoft CIFS, HTTP 1.0, HTTP 1.1 virtual hosts
SAN Protocol Support Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) for SCSI; fabric-attached and direct-attached; iSCSI
Licensed Software Products FlexClone, SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange, SnapManager for Oracle, SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server, SnapMirror, SyncMirror, SnapVault, SnapRestore, SnapDriveTM, SnapLock, SnapValidator, Clustered Failover, MetroCluster, MultiStore, VFM (Virtual File Manager), DataFabric Manager, ApplianceWatch for HP Openview and Tivoli
Standard Hardware Features ROHS-compliant, full-duplex 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet onboard console, diagnostic LED/LCD, Remote Management Card standard, redundant hot-plug cooling fans, redundant hot-plug power supplies, Compact Flash, 19" rack-mount enclosure, optional 220 V 42U 19" system cabinet
Default/Min./Max. RAID Group Sizes RAID4 (single parity) and RAID-DP (double parity) RAID4 support on FC disks are: Default 7 data + 1 parity/Min. 1 data + 1 parity/Max. 13 data + 1 parity; RAID4 support on SATA disks are: Default and Max. 7 data + 1 parity/Min. 1 data + 1 parity; RAID-DP support on FC disks are: Default 14 data + 2 parity/Min. 1 data + 2 parity/Max. 26 data + 2 parity; RAID-DP support SATA disks are: Default 12 data + 2 parity/Min. 1 data + 2 parity/Max. 14 data + 2 parity
Disk Shelves Supported
(Fibre Channel, SATA)
DS14, DS14mk2 FC, DS14mk2AT
Disk Drive Capacities Supported FC—9(1)/18(1)/36(1)/72/144/300GB, SATA—250GB, 500GB
1 9/18/36GB drives are supported but not currently shipping  
System Specifications FAS6030
Active/Active Configuration Single Controller
Max. Raw Capacity(2), (3) 420TB 420TB
Max. Number of Disk Drives 840 840(4)
Max. Number of FC Loops (dual attach) 10 10
Max. Drives per FC Loop 84 84
Max. Volume/Aggregate Size(3) 16TB 16TB
ECC Memory 32GB 16GB
Nonvolatile Memory 1GB 512MB
Onboard GbE Ports 12 6
Onboard 2Gb Fibre Channel Ports (configurable as Storage-attached initiator or Host-attached target) 16 8
2 Max. capacity is derived based on the type, size, and number of the drives.
3 Max. capacity and volume size are calculated using Base10 arithmetic (i.e., 1TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes).
4 Max single controller loops/drives available in Q3CY06.
I/O Expandability FAS6030
PCI Express Expansion Slots 10 5
PCI-X Expansion Slots 6 3
Optional Network Connectivity (max.)
  Quad GbE TOE (copper) cards
  Single 10GbE TOE (fiber) cards
  Dual GbE (copper or fiber) cards
  Dual iSCSI (copper or fiber) host adapter


Dual FC Disk Adapters (max.) 8 4
Dual 4GB FC Target Adapters (max.) 8 4
Dual FC, Single FC, LVD SCSI -Tape Adapters (max.) 6 3
System Environmental
Single Controller Configuration
AC Power/Current (line voltage for standalone systems dependent on local power distribution; system cabinets are 200 to 240 V only) 100 to 240VAC, 22 to 10A (typical)
24A (max.) @ 100VAC
200 to 240VAC, 11 to 5A (typical)
12A (max.) @ 200VAC
100 to 240VAC, 11 to 5A (typical)
12A (max.) @ 100VAC
200 to 240VAC, 5.5A to 2.8A (typical)
6A (max.) @ 200VAC
Thermal Rating 6142 BTU/hr. 3071 BTU/hr.
Weight 242 lb (109.6 kg) 121 lb (54.8 kg)
Height 20.8" (52.8 cm), fits into 12U space 10.3" (26.2 cm), fits into 6U space
Width 19" IEC rack-compliant (17.53", 44.53 cm)
Depth 23.5" (59.7 cm), 29.05" (73.8 cm) with cable management bracket
Operating Temperature, Altitude, and Relative Humidity 10 C to 40 C (50 F to 104 F); at </= 3,000 m (at </= 10,000') elevation; 20% to 80% relative humidity, noncondensing (28 C wet bulb temperature)
Non-operating Temperature and Relative Humidity -40 C to 65 C (-40 F to 149 F); 10% to 95% relative humidity, noncondensing, in original container
Operating Acoustic Noise 56.5 dBA sound pressure (LpA) @ normal operating conditions (at 22C and at sea level)
Min. Cabinet Clearances 1.85" (4.7 cm) for bezel, 3" (7.6 cm) for cable radius
Min. Service Clearances 25" (63.5 cm) from front of cabinet; 40" (76 cm) from rear of cabinet
Storage Subsystem Specifications
Disk Drive Storage Shelf DiskShelf14 familyDS14, DS14mk2 FC, and DS14mk2AT; each w/14 low-profile slots for FC and SATA disk drives
Disk Drive Storage Shelf Interface PCI-based Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)
DiskShelf14 Interface Dual, redundant electronically switched hub (ESH2) modules or dual, redundant ATA modules
Power Supply/Cooling Fans Dual, redundant, hot-pluggable, integrated power supply/fan assemblies (220V/110V)
AC Power/Max. Current 100 to 120VAC/3.95A; 200 to 240VAC/1.9A
Thermal Rating 1,215 Btu/hr (fully loaded shelf)
Operating Acoustic Noise 49 dBA sound pressure (LpA) @ normal operating conditions (at 22C and at sea level)
Dimensions (height/width/depth) 3 EIA U (5.25", 13.3 cm)/19" IEC rack-compliant (17.6", 44.7 cm)/20" (50.85 cm)
Weight 77 lb (35 kg) fully loaded
FAS6000 Series FC Switch SupportTape/SAN
Vendor Model
Brocade Silkworm 2400/2800 (TapeSAN only)
Brocade Silkworm 3200/3250/3800/3850/3900/4100/12000/24000/200E
McData ES 3016/3032, Intrepid 6064/6140/ED-5000, Sphereon 3216/3232/4300/4400/4500/4700
Cisco MDS 9120/9140/9216/9506/9509/9513
NetApp Systems Cabinet
Includes 2 Sets of Dual 16A, Zero U Power Distribution Units (PDUs) or 1 Set of 24A Zero U PDUs Accommodates 1 filer head and 12 disk shelves or 2 filer heads and 10 disk shelves or 14 disk shelves
1 filer head and 11 disk shelves or 2 filer heads and 8 disk shelves or 14 disk shelves
AC Power 200 to 240VAC
Current 32A total2 redundant sets of dual 16A cables with NEMA L6-20 or IEC 309 connectors or Australia AS/NZ53123-20; 24A total 2 redundant cables with NEMA L6-30 or IEC 309 connectors
Dimensions (height/width/depth) 78.75" (200 cm)/23.6" (60 cm)/37.4" (95 cm)
Min. Clearances 48" (122 cm) front and rear
Shipping Height 90.6" (230 cm)
Weight (empty) 275 lb (125 kg)
Regulations NetApp FAS6000 Series Storage System, DiskShelf14
Safety/Emissions/Immunity Safety: EN 60950, CE, CSA 60950, UL 60950, CB IEC60950-1 (all national deviations), EN60825-1, IRAM, GOST-R, BSMI
Emissions/Immunity: FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-03, CE, MIC, VCCI, AS/NZS CISPR 22, EN55022, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, CoC (South Africa), BSMI
FAS6030c Filers FAS6030